• The answer is that video content ensures more eyes on your listings, as well as generates higher conversions. Video done correctly can also be an exciting vehicle to drive your personal brand. It also helps to generate social proof and build trust with potential buyers and sellers.
Why real estate videos are effective?
  • Instagram is heavily favoring Reels at this point in time, which has made it easier than ever to make it onto the Explore page. Making it onto the explore page is something every creator aspires to do, and reels are certainly your best shot.
  • Incorporating reels into your Instagram marketing strategy is a must if you’re serious about growing your brand and online presence.
Why REELS/TIKTOKS are effective?
  • Posts with images receive 39% more interaction than text-based posts. This increases the competition so high-quality photos are a must to make your home stand out. Buyers find pictures very important when buying a house: It is said that “First impression is the last impression.
Why real estate photos are effective?
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